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It is the usual mid-summer "swamp" here and the G and E pegs on my violin are welded in place. They absolutely won't budge. The only other time this happened, I needed the instrument the next day and took it to a shop to have the offending peg freed up. I do have another violin which is so-far-so-good so I can wait if out IF changes in the weather will release them. What do you think? My other violin, viola and piano are all not happy, but are functioning. My old house does not have air conditioning but violins and pianos (and people) have been around a lot longer than air conditioning so I don't see that as a necessary solution.

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I would recommend not to force the pegs yourself but have a professional work on it,you may crack the peg box or break a peg,however for future reference I would suggest adjusting the pegs at least once a week even tho it isn't out of tune,this will allow the pegs to compensate or readjust according to the humidity without siezing up. Henry

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Humidity, and lack of humidity are two of the major causes of damage to violins. Once your pegs are free, you can keep them that way by tuning every few days or week at the most. It's usually when they're left longer that they get frozen.

The other problem is that heat and humidity causes the glue to soften and let go, which frequently causes the neck to let go, sometimes breaking the button off in the process.

I had two of these come in yesterday,usually get at least 5 each summer.

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