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It's difficult to find a good sounding viola, and I believe that it may be the same with a baroque one. I would play the instrument first. In the case, it seems the site lacks information about soundbox lenght, that is a crucial information in the case of violas.

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You mention "maker" - hopefully you understand that those are "factory" instruments. There is a Czech factory brand of Baroque instruments called "Ceska" - those might be it, although I don't know much about them. Don't have overly high expectations of a factory instrument at that price. The very least I would suggest you do if you buy one of those is to have it set up by a luthier with experience in Baroque setups, not only because the performance of virtually all trade instruments can be improved immeasurably by a good setup, but also because the "factory setup" is often so bad that it makes the instrument virtually unplayable at worst, or severely inhibits its potential at best.

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