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Any ideas what this is???


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I,d guess that it plays well ,it was played/owned by a orchestra leader, whether that was before the back crack or not i don`t know but it was repaired in the early 20th century.

I believe the consensus so far is that the head is later,which i believe as it doesn`t have much wear and is reinforced by pictures of the back of the head (which i haven`t posted.The edges of the plates are rather thin so i,m guessing the violin is older, but i,ve also seen clever fake antiquing.The violin is supposed to be late 18th century possibly English according to the seller.

Heres a pic of the other side and a close up of the right `f` hole.



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Bob, did you get what I sent you about labels? Is this the same violin you were asking about then? Here's my 2 cents on these photos: the relatively short f holes and purfling close to edge remind me of southern Germany. The shape of the wings also seems to fit with that.

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Hi Rich, no a different violin, i think its around 1790 -1800 but where from i don`t know which is why i put it on here.I have no preference about where i,d hope it was from but if it was older i,d be happier perhaps buying it, its only cheap but i don,t want another clever factory antiqued effort.Ive only really been stung once or twice which considering ive bought and sold around 500-1000 instrument is rather good, my worst buy was a clever Bohemian antiqued job which fooled me from pictures and the lying seller didn`t help.

Its mainly the `f` holes which are puzzling me.

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One reason that I hold out for an earlier date is that the distress looks like it was earned. The fakers always put little scratches all over, in places that would never get scratched. And both the fakers and skilled antiquers always go for the wear on the shoulders and chin areas. This doesn't have those, and the back is relatively clean, too.

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Does it really seem a Guarneri model? The ff look more Stainerish to me, but perhaps it's the angle.

I'd also say 18th c., but mid ...and I'll only rate my opinion at a penny.

You may be right. For my eye, the f-holes look closer to del Gesu, with the withered upper wings than to Stainer, who had full upper wings in Jalovec's photos.

The arching doesn't look high enough to be Stainer inspired, but my notion of Stainer arching may come from exaggerated Stainer copies.

The fiddle also looks broader through the middle bouts than I would think a Stainer copy would be. Maybe one shouldn't trust one's eye with photos but get measurement numbers instead.

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