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I am an adult violin learner living in an apartment. Since I am a beginner, I feel that it would be better if I don't disturb my neighbors (a senior lady lives across the hall from me). Therefore, I was thinking about a violin with an earphone for me to practice with. There seems to be two options I can have:

1. electric/silent violin

2. acoustic violin with pickup/pream

Which one will be a better choice? As always, I really appreciate your input.

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Just to be a contrarian I have an acoustic that I can't mute enough to be playable.

So, I play my Yamaha Silent. It's very nice and not especially nasty sounding. Of course I'm a fiddler, not a violinist, so that probably affects my judgement and tolerance.

It's still audible even when not plugged in, but only from a few feet away. I can even, and do, hook it up to my computer's sound system and play through speakers. I can turn it down to where its volume is socially acceptable and I don't have to contend with the deformed sound a mute produces on my acoustic fiddle.

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I heard that Yamaha is good, but it costs a bundle as well. Is there any mom and pop brand, which might be also fine for a biginner?

I don't know. My only experience is with my Yamaha. I know that a few years ago here there were some people who seemed to feel okay about some other electrics, but that's all I really remember. You might find mention of them if you search the archives.

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Miles - I'm also an apartment dweller for the time being and I use 4 mute systems at home and a 5th at church.

During the day if no-one is around it's full-out no mute but in the evening I start with one alligator clip under the E string. After 9:30 PM I'll use the large Ultra USA rubber mute but that still lets too much bass get through so I often replace it with the small wood mahagony mute on top of the bridge with a clip on both wings just under the E and G string - that combination sounds good and the harmonics are still all there. After midnight I'll use the heavy full coverage brass mute but I hate the bumble bee sound. At church I use the wire clip... either pulled all the way back for no mute or just up to the bridge for deeper tone or slipped onto the top of the bridge for maximum muting.

I have two other violins set up as full bluegrassers that muting has less effect on but even on those the big brass mute silences them so that the bumble bee sound is just under your ear. 'Hope this helps......

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>the small wood mahagony mute on top of the bridge with a clip >on both wings just under the E and G string

I am only afraid the old lady calling security guards (she might think I am killing something in my unit while I am trying to learn how to bow). So the wood mute might just be what I need.

Thanks a lot for the help from all of you. I really appreciate it.

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I just got a heavy metal "practice mute" ( like this one at Shar )and in comparison to my tourte mute and my old brass mute, it knocks the violin down to string noise only. When I first tried it it vibrated off on the low side, so I added some cloth tape for cushioning to keep it in place. Works great now.

Or if you have a lot of money there is this back on e-bay again, I don't recall his original price so I don't know if he lowered it... $20,000 Practice Violin

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