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A Rehair Joke


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I took my bow for rehair yesterday. While the hair was being removed from the frog, there was a piece of paper in the mortise... It reads "on ne parle pas la bouche pleine". I think I know what that means but the French experts, please chime in!

The hair on my bow, before the rehair, was very very full. And someone used some superglue to make the hair stay in place. The bowmaker had to remove some ebony when he was only aiming at removing the hair. So I certainly "couldn't speak with a mouthfull" because I was unhappy with the previous rehair, whom I have no clue that person is.

Anyway, do rehair experts like to stick pieces of paper in the frog for the next person?

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I know some rehair people (such as Ira Kraemer in NJ) use hash marks on the underside of the stick to mark the number of times the bow has been rehaired.

but I've never heard of putting a note inside the mortice. That's a new one on me (and I've seen literally thousands of bows )

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