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ebay seller premiereviolin? what u think?


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I think he can, by providing a valid Canadian address during verification.

maybe he got some friends up there


Originally posted by:

what I don't get, if volti-instruments is PV & FC, can he

register an ebay id out of the states?  I think volti is

registered in ont., canada.  

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What is the point of filling out a dispute with ebay, "Item Not

Received or Significantly Not as Described"  I just filled one

out and that is all that is happening is old conversations that FC

and I had over & over again.  What happens after I

press the option, "  I feel I have no other option but to

escalate this to a claim"  And if I do want to escalate this,

where does it go.....the basements of ebay complaints, and I get

$25 back for my purchase.  Basically all I want is this

transaction to be on the record, I will never get a refund for the

fraud...so really what does it prove?  It seems pointless, he

already changed user ID's, and is back to sellling and

photographing with the same methods, as he put it, "Tungsten

bulbs were used. Different bulbs make different light- this is no

trick. Just what professional photograpers use."  Except

it does not portray the instrument in its true color!  This is

what I am upset about, his methods of selling are underhanded!

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Hello, I bought a 1932 Arneson the other day at a estate sale looks legit very dusty very much looks like it was stored in a attic since the 40s a few scuffs  not even a dent but is completely leather skinned. I know people love these but I don’t know where to even look to sell it. I can hardly even find anything about the maker except a listing for one at fine fretted strings in California for$6000 and this thread any information would be helpful I suppose he was from Washington?

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Hi Ickarus,

Welcome to Maestronet!

Tying your inquiry to an old thread like this isn't probably the best method to get noticed, but in any case, you need to post photos, so experts (that is, not me) can see what you really have.  Look at this thread to get an idea of the kinds of photos you need.


Because you don't yet have ten posts, the best way is to post your images on a photo-hosting site, and put the links in your post. 

Start a new thread called "Violin ID" in the Pegbox area, and put these photos there, and you'll probably get information you can use.  I'm looking forward to it.

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