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Music for violin and flute?


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I'm looking for music for violin and flute with or without piano. So far I've found a small piece by Suk, Two Interludes and an Aria by Ibert, and two duos, one by Telemann and one by C Ph E Bach. Martinu's Madrigal Sonata is out of reach right now. Surely there must be more repertoire -- any suggestions?

A viola instead of the violin would be OK, too, if that helps. Thanks in advance!

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Here are a few I pulled off a list for you:


Berbiguier Duo concertant op. 76 #1

Boismortier 6 Sonatas, op. 51#'s 1-3

Boismortier 6 Sonatas, op. 51#s 4-6

Cambini 6 Duos op.14

Campagnoli Duet #1 in E

Campagnoli Duet #2 in A

Campagnoli Duet #3 in D

Gebauer 3 Easy Duos

Rolla 3 Duets


Cambini 6 Duos, op 4

Devienne 3 Duos, op 5

There is the well-known trio by Beethoven for Flute, violin and Viola as well, of course.

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I've found some Kuhlau works for two flutes and piano now. Thom, could you give me the name of a publisher or something for the pieces you were thinking of?

Omobono: great list! It turned out a friend had the Devienne pieces hidden somewhere, so I'm going to try them ASAP.

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