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Anybody ever heard of Guillaume Carbey?

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That's what the label in this very nice fiddle I have says... "Guillaume Carbey 1798". It doesn't look typically French, more "Germanic", and has a nice dark red varnish. Not a thing had to be done, all graduations were perfect and it's solid all around. Sounds mature, rich, not nasaly, and very loud. But I can't find a scrap of info on the maker. I got it off Ebay last year and I've been trying to find out about it ever since! The consensus in the shop it's currently consigned to is that it's German but "it is a happy accident...they just got it right that time."

Any ideas

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There was a Guillaume Barbey, worked in Paris c.1710-20. He was a maker of viols and gambas. Sounds like a tradename using the older maker's name.

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