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I recently attended a workshop on practicing that I found to be VERY useful. It detailed the concept of organizing your work into categories or bins and helped make it possible for me to manage more than 20 pieces of repertoire to performance level. This was done by a classical guitarist but the information is useful to all musicians.

I found out yesterday that he video taped the workshop and has it available for download on his website. I highly recommend this information to anyone who is interested in learning how to make their practice more efficeint.


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You're quite welcome. This workshop is the best money I've spent in a long time in musical education. It has really helped push me along in my practice routine.

Here is a review from another person who downloaded it..

I just finished watching the Scott Kritzer video, and I did this in

two sessions. The whole atmosphere of the video is as if you are there

in the audience. Scott comes across as Scott. It is very relaxed and

informal, with occasional questions from the participants.

The information is changing the way I approach my practice, in a good

way. Scott covers how to organize your practice, and how to organize

your pieces. He talks a lot about extracting the interesting or

difficult bits from the repertoire pieces you're working on, and about

putting those bits into different "bins" that fit into the parts of

your practice schedule. When you sit down to practice, there should be

no question about *what* you're going to practice, because if you've

taken the time to organize as he suggests, you will have a firm

schedule of what you have to accomplish. There is no "practice scales

for 2 hours a day" kinds of advice. He tells you to take *your*

repertoire pieces and extract the scalar passages, or arpeggio

passages, for example, and make a 1-minute or 2-minute part of your

practice out of each one. Then on to the next thing. I don't think it

would be possible to get bored or confused with this approach.

I think this video is best watched after reading the included

text file, and is probably much more valuable the second time through.

With all that said, I think this is an excellent value and I intend to

go through it again and use it for my practice.

Media Quality

The video and sound quality are adequate, but with many noticeable

digital artifacts and imperfections. This in no way detracts from the

usefulness of the presentation. The entire 79MB download only took me

about 20 minutes or so, and if there were the option to download a

larger, higher quality file, I would probably prefer that.

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I just got back from a 3-hours long students recital of my former teacher.(40% violins,50% pianos,10% ensembles) Some I liked and other I did not. I think, these students worked hard but not everyone had the same result. It makes me think good practice is important,especially for violin learners.

In that recital I noticed some violins had no projection ability and the performers were not all

aware that and some played timidly due to not enough confidence and lack of good practice. Piano students did not seem have that much of the problems .

Karla, you have made a good suggestion such a website to help. I think that violinists should not just practice, we should also have a good method to follow. /yuen/

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