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Queen Elisabeth 2005 Competition Belgium results


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Check out the clips of performances. This will definitely help in that other discussion of ours 'define virtuoso / what do you mean by virtuoso etc...'



1st prize


2nd prize


3rd prize

Sophia JAFFÉ

4th prize


5th prize


6th prize

Hyuk Joo KWUN



Andreas JANKE





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I'm another Szalai fan. Quite frankly, I am annoyed that he didn't place second behind Khachatryan, or even beat Khachatryan!

That said, though, maybe the judges just wanted the opportunity to hear him again in four years! Laureates are allowed to take part again, but those placed in the top six aren't. Blessing in disguise for Szalai, this might jolly well be!

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Well, personally, I would've ranked Szalai and Khachatryan equally. Music is subjective and that is simply my view.

I just think, in not awarding a prize to Szalai, this year's QE competition has passed up the opportunity to recognise the talents of someone who has stepped straight out of the Oistrakh mould into the 21st century. Violin playing badly needs a new great, and, for me at least, Szalai possesses that touch of greatness.

Khachatryan is a wonderful violinist. I don't dispute that he is among the finest in the world at his age. All I'm saying is that Szalai deserves to be so recognised as well.

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I agree that both Sergey and Antal were probably equally good, although Antal suited my own taste more. I also thought that Sergey wasn't playing his best, based on the other times I've heard him play.

I wasn't surprised that Alena Baeva didn't make it to the top six, based on some technical mistakes that I'm sure played into the judges' decision. She is a very individual player, and I'm sure that she will be back in four years as a prizewinner if she chooses to go.

The reason I find it so strange that Antal didn't place was because so many people were saying that he would be top 3 or better. Antal told me that he personally was surprised as well, which is no wonder. He will certainly have a wonderful career, though. He said that the good thing was that he got so much exposure because of the internet broadcasting thing, and I think that's more important than the prizes if you want a career. I look forward to see how he does, because he certainly has what it takes.

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