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A Quartet of Bows


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Raffin workshop use pernambucco and amourette,most bowmakers who make hisorical bows don`t necessarily use pernambucco.There are far more 19th century French bows still in existance from amourette ,ironwood,etc... than pernambucco.This is my view from what i see at auctions in Europe.I get the impression that top quality pernambucco was already in short supply towards the last quarter of the 19th century,but a few makers seemed to have a ready supply.

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Who do you think is the most successful? Or most unified?

Since I don't see that anybody else has tried to answer this yet, I'll try, even though I'm unschooled at this stuff. To my eyes the F. Peccatte (#1) is the most unified; the front and back curves of the head seem to be more in harmony than the others, and I like how the squared-off top front of the head seems to match the flat bottom plate. I suppose it's impossible to judge the bows without seeing them in 3 dimensions, though.

Do you happen to have a picture that illustrates the Tourte model that these were derived from? I'd be curious. -Steve

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