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Giovan paolo Maggini violin, interested in info


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I have a Giovan paolo Maggini violin brefcia 16 stamped 94 written. I am looking for any info regarding this instrument. I know He died in 1632. Could this have been made by an apprentice. Details match his style, honey/red color, 1 piece back, double purling. I am interested in a value for insurance purposes. Would like to leave to my grandaughter as a family heirloom. tone quality is beautiful. very rich and mellow. Have never heard such sound. I played for 25 years and never heard another instrument like this one.

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The ONLY way to authenticate it is to put it in the hands of someone like Jeffrey Holmes. Most of these, like Strads, are copies and may even be a hundred or more years old. Posting pictures can help, as far as folks here recognizing it a s copy. But, without having it "in-hand" I don't think anyone can say that it is authentic. Provenance would help for sure.


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one of the most tiring things when reading posts here is when someone comes in with a violin made by so and so when it clearly isn't. If you are in doubt about a violin's authenticity you should really introduce the instrument as "A Violin with a label: Maggini..." Don't get your hopes up it is real. if you didn't pay big bucks for it that is...

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