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Where's Michael ?


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Welll, Cremona is kind of in the 'panhandle'. And the Panhandle of Florida is often called "Southern Alabama". Logic dictates that Michael may or may not be in Pensacola.

nope, just scanned the beach and he is nowhere in sight!

ISOM (In Search Of Michael)

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I have it on unreliable speculation that he's camped out in the line for Stars Wars tickets. He got in line 27 days ago to make sure he would be the first in line. Oh yeah--he's wearing his Wookie outfit.

Really--trust me on this. No really. OK--maybe not.

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"I bought him on Ebay for $1 (Seems other felt it was a fake Darnton)

I'll return him when he is finished repairing my other Ebay purchases." ISOC


3 Stars by 2 members for this one (first) post by 'Stranger' ISOC! WOW!

Those who recently complained about Star ratings--take note!

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"I am a bit confused about the star ratings. How do you know how many people have given them a star rating? Do they normally show up on a new member or not until someone rates them? "



Point your cursor arrow 'thingy' at the stars and a little box will pop up telling how many total rates were made.

Apparently, the average number of star ratings submitted is what shows under the user name and title.

This is my understanding but, then again, what do I know?


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We makers are allways looking for a cheap top player at ebay. I've heard that a friend of friend got one, an Enescu pupil for cheap. Perhaps Michael finally got a top cheap violinist on ebay (a luthier's dream) and now is so enchanted listening to him that he has no time to spend on Maestronet. I would do the same.

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Hexametric latin commedia quotes on a thread entitled "Where's Michael?" on a forum devoted to violinmaking?

And I felt guilty for getting a little off topic on the "erasing bad habits" thread over on the Fingerboard...

This site is the best excuse I've found for not getting around to (washing dishes/doing taxes/balancing checkbook/taking out compost/insert chore here), ever. The only thing missing is the beer.

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