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Where's Michael ?


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relax, folx, he's probably off in Florida sailing with Fiddlefaddle. Still plenty of fascinating local talent showing up, I see in this very thread.

You want excitement, why don't you all pile on Craig for a bit? I bet he'll give as good as he gets, or better...

love ya,


(yet another MD acolyte wannabe)

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"I think it'll be interesting to get the students from various violin making school to come up here. Also, I'd like to see more European posters. I know we have a few but I definitely would like to hear more of their perspective on things."

At present you've got three Africans, one Kuwaiti, and an occasional Romanian - what more can you ask for?

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1. Benefits of using a pin nailer rather than hide glue

2. Painting the wood rather than that old approach of varnishing stuff

3 Why not make a plastic mold for prefabricated plates.

4 Factory instruments are better than Strads

5 Stradivari didn't exist. he was a fabrication of historical delusions and manipulations.

6 Australians make the finest violins in their part of the world.

7 ISOC and Michael are one and the same....check the IP address and they are from the same source.

8 All Italians are descended from Antonio...who of course didn't exist.

9 French violins are.... French.

10 The F-holes don't do anything. They are on violins as a symbol of fertility. Traditions just carries on.

1) Some of the European repair persons of the past may have agreed with you. It's not uncommon to see pins in the corners of old violins that were installed to "hold them together" during long ocean voyages. Really!

2) Some makers would agree with you judging from what's on their instruments (is that too mean??).

3) Sounds cool. Tell us more!

4) For young students thay probably are.

5) Are you a member of the flat earth society too?

6) You may be correct.

7) Now that is too mean!

8) Wow! Now that's something!

9) Except Gemunder.

10) I knew I was waisting time cutting those things!

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1. Why bother with the purfling when painting black and white lines around the perimeter is so much easier?

2. The key to identifying a Strad is to look for crusty varnish and its distinctive figure-eight shape.

3. I bought this old violin at a garage sale, for 50 bucks. It looks like the number eight, so it's definitely a Strad, just like it says on the label.

4. Stradivari's secret was to place the violin's plates over a loudspeaker and sprinkle some confetti on top.

5. There is a vast conspiracy to drive up the prices of old violins. New ones are just as good.

6. The Messiah was made by Vuillaume.

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1. Bridges should not be tampered with or cut - use straight as shipped.

2. Use a straw as soundpost and you will not damage or cause sound post cracks.

3. If the top is not split multiple times, it must be a modern reproduction or never used.

4. Pin stripping from Autozone can be used in a pinch to repair missing/damaged purfling.

5. Never make your own knives

6. Scrapers should be rounded to compress the wood.

7. Real authenic Italian labels come 8 to a sheet.

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Getting back to Michael, has anybody seem him in the flesh since he went off to Pensacola with Regis and the wild bunch? I have heard tales from returning tourists about a guy sitting under an umbrella on the beach, surrounded by seafood plates and beer and carving spruce and maple into wild shapes. I realize there were a few postings attributed to him since his return, but they might have been written by anyone with a little knowledge.

"Fess up, Regis. Is Michael still in Pensacola?

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Having attended the infamous "Florida Workshop" in February, (what a hoot by the way) I was initially expecting an abrasive, curt individual. I was pleasantly surprised and taken aback by just how personable Michael really is. I left the workshop completely inspired and resumed my labours with much more focus and sense of direction. His "cut to the chase" approach is truly infectious. Now if only he could only have helped me do my taxes this year; an area where I always need a little prodding.

I certainly miss his posts.

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