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Eudoxa replacements

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Hi Bryan,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I should now be OK for PMs (I didn't realise I had them turned off). Also, I was just looking again through my string collection. If you are willing to give me the Eudoxa A, D and G (I actually have an E), then I can offer you all the following, each with about 5 - 10 hours use maximum:

Obligato G weich

Tonica G weich

Tonica D weich silver wound

Pirazzi G weich

Pirazzi D weich silver wound

That makes me feel less guilty about the fairness of the swap I think, although unfortunately I have no A string to give you.

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Hi people, could you tell me what do you think?

First round:

Oliv vs. Eudoxa: Which one has darker sound? Which one is more stable?

Second round:

Oliv vs. Obligato: which one has darker sound? Which one has deeper bass?

I think if the Oliv has deeper, darker bass than Obligato i will use the medium G, D of the Oliv and thin low tension A, E of Obligato.

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