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There are several grade systems. Two that are used in many parts of the world are ABRSM and Trinity College.

Here are the websites, where you can ask for a syllabus to compare with your own skills, repeortoire etc:



Obviously, Trinity has also taken over the Guildhall examinations and their syllabus.

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I used to have a syllabus which was compiled by Illinois Music Teacher Association for a 10 years violin study. In each year the syllabus contains a guideline of teaching material (1)titles of pieces for students to play ( technical requirements) and (2) some music theory for students to learn. For example, Concerto # 22, by G.B. Viotti was in 9th year (quite technical). Presumably, if you can play the piece and your professors or teachers let you pass, then you are in 9th grade. However, it is only a suggestion, different schools may have different grade systems as you can imagine. The first time I knew someone mentioned "ten years" study. In later years " it mentioned "muscianship" and "musicianship" many times. Don't ask me what does it mean.

(There was not much said.) It must be important /yuen/

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I frequently get pupils who have come from other teachers who teach to grades. When I ask the new pupil to play for me at their first lesson I find they can only play a few pieces that they have studied recently for grade exams.

I do not teach grades as I beleive to do so, holds the student back by locking them into a "System" and does not pursue the type of music the student wishes to play.

Some wish to play Irish, Bluegrass, Classical or Folk etc and they soon loose interest if forced to play other styles.

eg. I get bored quickly if I have to listen to classical music but it is loved by many.

Find a teacher who will foster the prefered music style and help you on your way. It's the fiddler that calls the tune!


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