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JTL's on Tarisio


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JTL violins typically get poor reports here and sell very low on ebay. I'm curious why there are 3 going on Tarisio at more than I'd expect. One at $950 I guess I can understand. Then there is one sold without strings at $1300. Then there is one (not setup) with no bids at $2750. If these were setup so someone could play them, I would understand these prices. But, with such reputations and no way to 'listen', how do they get that high. They will probably have to retail at double that, or more.

Have I missed judged what I've read about JTL's?

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Like most violin-producing workshops, JTL made all grades of instruments. They turned out enormous quantities (tens of thousands per year) of the lower grade instruments like Medio Fino that we tend to associate JTL with. However, their top grades were as good as those produced by many other big shops. The prices you mention are not out of line for top-grade JTLs.

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The firm Jerome Thibouville-Lamy produced more than 30.000 violins in 1903 and 42.000(!!!) violins in the Year 1911. More than 90% of these violins are of low quality. Especially the wood and the varnish isn't really good.

If you are interested in "trade violins" of the 19h and 20th century, you should look for Blondelet and Neuner & Hornsteiner in the middle class; or Silvestre & Maucotel or Ernst Heinrich Roth in the upper class.

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