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Hi Larry, it seems you have 3 stars now, I really don't know why, so let my poor 3 stars in peace Ok!

Falstaff, you are correct, I like the "member" "apellation", I like to play and carpal tunnel is not a good thing at all for players!

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"Why isn't Jacob a POOH-BAH"?

It's simple. I'm from South Africa. Here, even if it doesn't rain, the excuse is "it's a computer error" - which, in this case, is the actual truth.

I've got this horrible feeling that I'm being noticed...

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You are a very knowledgable and helpful violin expert and personally, I am glad you are not a "POOH-BAH"!


" The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.



VARIANT FORMS: or pooh-bah

NOUN: 1. A pompous ostentatious official, especially one who, holding many offices, fulfills none of them."


All these meaningless titles should be dropped from the software program. Elimination of the stars would be no great loss either. Neither one works as was probably intended.

Just my 2c!


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Well, OK, how come nobody else is a "junior member"? Just because I'm childish and my jokes are sophomoric, and I don't know squat, I still don't think I should be a junior member. I'm no spring chicken and I assure all of you that my member is not junior. How can I shed this ignominious title?

Also, I had 3 stars until I made a wisecrack about the current administration and that looney running for governor in Ohio who had Jesus in his violin...

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I don't like my title either. I'm getting too old to be an Enthusiast. JEFFREY!!! Can't I be a Member again? I got the star back , now I want to be in the Inner Circle. BTW, Arte, Jackc has admitted he is just like the rest of us. Would you consider giving him one of your stars? I would, but you have 4 and I have 3. By the way, thanks, Manfio, if it was you who redeemed me from purgatory.

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Obviously there are some issues that need to be cleared up. First of all, the "fraternity" that CT mentioned is the code word for his people. They are one of the more hostile extra terrestrial races "visiting" our little class 3 planet. He's tame most of the time as long as you toss him the occassional MGD. He lives in Roswell. What more proof do you need!?

Guta, those aren't headlights following you. You'll soon be visited by beings wearing black suits. Don't fret. You won't remember a thing. You'll soon begin to appreciate the ability to see in the dark.

It's been raining here for so long that my violins have floated away. I knew I should have sealed the insides. Sound carries better underwater anyway. The boat has been loading up pairs of animals. It's my job to make sure the unicorns get aboard.

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Quote: "Sound carries better underwater anyway."

Pehaps the VERY 1st violins sank in ship while crossing the Meditranean. They were then written about and thought to be "Sirenes" in the Oddessey. Much later Amati found one washed up on the shore (while on vacation) and began building them.

Moral is......well,,,,,float one of your best out off the coast of Maine and listen.

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OK, so maybe its a handshake only for people who know each other quite well, BUT the dirt was in your mind, NOT MINE! And I'll remember not to be pulling your finger. (I have a Guatemalan "sister" who trys that on me all the time) Y cuando ella lo dice, yo la regaño.




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Re: Titles? [Re: maestramusica]

#266625 - 05/06/05 09:57 PM

Translation pl.


And when she (the guatemalan sister) tells me to pull her finger, I have to scold or correct her.

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Regis, you show great insight. You are absolutely correct in your deductions.

Unfortunately, I feel there are still skeptics out there. Let me offer this as further proof: M Darnton knows more about violin making, repair, and setup than any human can possibly know. The reason is obvious - he's not human. Take a look at his "varnish" recipes. He and CT discuss these things like it's second nature to them. They speak the same language. I suspect that they knew A Stradavari personally (another alien).

Beware! The next varnish recipe might involve mixing up the "magic Koolaide". And don't say I didn't warn you people.

Sorry, the voices are getting loud. It's time for my medication.

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