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Good gypsy or romantic material...


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They are okay, but if you don't have a pianist or guitarist who can read the fake book style chords, it is not practical. Same goes for Mary Ann Harbor book (published by Mel Bay).

As for Romantic material, why not the 3 volumes of Kreisler collection or Heifetz collections. Both of them are published by Carl Fischer. If you are feeling more adventurous, try the Godowsky/Kreisler collection. It is more technically demanding, but very juicy late 19th/early 20th century stuff.

Or why not try the Brahms-Joachim Hungarian Dances? They are great fun, although they require quite advanced technique.

Have fun!


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The Huws Jones book is quite flexible in that you can play the melody (seldom goes beyond 3rd position, but of course you can play octaves and whatever when you want to add some spice) either with a violin accompaniment (lots of double stops), a pianist playing from a written piano part, a pianist or a guitarist playing from chord symbols or either of these options with a third person playing a simple 2nd violin part.

I recall a book called Huzd ra zigany (sp?) too -- also a collection of gypsy violin pieces with piano accompaniments. Can't remember who published it, though.

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Well, I for one can't think of gypsy music without Ziguenerweisen by Sarasate popping into my head instantly. I have probably 5 or 6 recordings of this song by various violinists.

For romantic, Liebeslied and Liebesfreud by Kreisler, Meditation by Thais, any Nocturne by Chopin, Romanza Andaluza by Sarasate, Le Cygne by Saint-Saens, Romance by Svendsen, Belle Nuit by Offenbach, Air on the G, and Saranade by Schubert, just to name a few that I use.

You can probably find most of these pieces by asking people at PianoFiles , and don't worry, it's not just for piano. I hope you find this useful.

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