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wooden violin case


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I am looking for an early style all wood violin case like they used to make at the turn of the century. Does anyone have any ideas where I might be able to locate one of these? I found a place in the UK but the shipping charges they wanted to ship it to the US was pretty outstanding.

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Bryan, I have every imaginable type of case in my collection. Do you mean turn of the century European (which would include the classic Hill cases) or the more traditional, American cases hand crafted at the end of the 19thC?

Are you looking for a functional case that you can use to protect a violin while traveling or is it more for display at home?

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Wow, thanks for the quick replies and links all! All of these cases shown would be ideal. I would prefer the coffin style case but a Hill style is very nice too. As long as the case is in sound working order, I can refinish the exterior and interior myself.

Regis and GlennYorkPA, I am interested in seeing photos of what you have and prices.

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The cases ,etc... can be bought by emailing Pamela and letting her know what you want.Pamela runs this online shop, her sister Caroline also has a similar shop.They are both active folk musicians who regularly tour schools in the U.K getting small kids interested in music .The cases can be bought using paypal.

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As I said, the one I have is a "fixer-upper"

If you want to dive in to restore this on, let me know.

If anyone can tell me more about this case, I'd appreciate.

Thanks Regis. Is this made from solid woods? Do you have any idea what kind of wood this is? Send my a PM with a price you want. Thanks.

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Bryan, You mentioned in a PM that you were interested in a case like the one that young Kaspar Weiss had in the Red Violin.

I just checked the movie and indeed it is a mahogany veneered W.E. Hill & Sons case dating to about 1875.

It has the handle on the top to prevent chaffing of violin and bow and therefore needs no cover over the fiddle.

The interior is French fit.


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