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I dont know how well this thread is going to do on this forum, the people here tend to try to keep content subject specific as possible. So if any of you feel the need to not have this topic on the forum, just dont post in it and it will die. Sorry in advance if you dissaprove.

Post the piece are you listening to right now!

I am listening to The Ravel String Quartet in F, Movment #1

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I currently have something like 10 CDs of Scottish & Cape Breton fiddle music loaded on my iPod shuffle, including

-Alasdair Fraser


-Laura Risk

-Slainte Mhath

-Hanneke Cassel


-Natalie MacMaster


-Willie Hunter

Makes the work day go by much faster! -Steve

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Just finished listening to the Franck sonata played by Gidon Kremer and Oleg Maisenberg (live recording from 1980). Very individual interpretation. The first movement is one of the slowest I have ever heard, but Kremer somehow makes it convincing (he is one of the very few musicians who can sustain intensity in extremely slow tempi). The fast movements have plenty of fire and sparkle (and even a few neglible blunder from Maisenberg) and the third movement has plenty of introspection. The performance is not typical and may not apeal to everyone, but I find it interesting and refreshing. I hope Kremer will record the sonata again sometime, along with three Enescu sonatas which should be right up to his alley.


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