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Blackberry Blossom

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It's amazing what one can find on the 'net!

The Eagles:http://www.eaglesfans.com/downloads/audio/04_blackberry.mp3

Here's another, but most people play the first part up an octave, and the 2nd part a little different: http://www.cassetteandvideo.com/Tabs3.html#Blackberry

Actually, if you don't have it already, buy "Famous Fiddlin' Tunes" by Craig Duncan. Only $7.95 for the book with a CD! Mel Bay #98431BCD

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Norma, I may be an aleck but I ain't to smart!!:)

There is a story behind the tune "Black Hairy Possum".. Years ago whilst in a hot jam session with a couple other fiddlers and a great banjo picker we were in the groove so to speak...We were cuttin' heads on a bunch of old fiddle tunes when this young gent (evidently just gettin' into bluegrass and fiddle music) asked during a lull if we knew the tune "Black Hairy Possum"...We scratched our heads, looked kinda dumb and finally admitted that we didn't..He said, "it goes like this" and proceded to hum it close enough that we reconized the tune..Everyone said just about in unison, "oh you mean Blackberry Blossom"!! We all laughed till we had tears in our eyes...We played it for him and jammed on it for about tens minutes..Now when ever I hear or see mention of "Blackberry Blossom", It think of the "Black Hairy Possum"...:)

It is a great tune that lends itself very well to improvising...Lotsa' folks like it..Regards, Lonnie..

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I just saw your post today or I would have posted earlier.

Below is a link to a midi file that I just made of Blackberry Blossom the way that my daughter plays it. It is a fairly simple version that can be built apon. It is in the key of G and the speed is set at quarter note = 180 bpm. Also, if you require the sheet music for this version let me know and I can post it in PDF, gif, or NWC format exactly as it is played in the midi file.

Blackberry Blossom Midi File

To save this file to your computer, right click on the link above and choose "Save Target As".


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