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Some interesting bench/workshop photos.


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I found these photos on a blog site. I thought some of you might enjoy them....

I wish I have a little robot to graduate my plates like that...


That is a nice looking finger plane. Anyone know who makes that? I wonder if it works well.


I also find this photo kind of interesting. It is titled "working hard while bad apprentice plays with camera!" I wonder who the maker is... Anyone recognise him?


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Yep I'm here. I want one of those little mannikins. What is the plane he's using, a 5mm?

The plane in the next picture seems to be one from Herdim (10mm?). That's not one I posted a picture of (I only showed pictures of the ones I made) but I have one that I've modified a bit. I like it. It was one of the inspirations for my model.

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