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Cross-tuning and stress


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I am a fiddler who plays old-time, and thus I use odd tunings. My question: I often tune AEAE or ADAE (please don't poke fun), and so I leave one of my fiddles tuned to one of those tunings.

Question: Knowing how sensitive these instruments are, am I causing stress on my fiddles when I store them tuned "up" like that? Should I tune them back to standard when I put them away after playing?


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With all due respect to MANFIO, I can't imagine that that would cause a problem unless you pass away suddenly and the violin has steel strings and is sitting in an attic for the next 20 years with an AEAE tuning.

Do you use steel strings?

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My instruments are not costly ones. My main fiddle (which I love and which has a terrific tone for old-time fiddling) is labeled 1921 Heinrich E. Heberlein Jr. My "beater" fiddle is your typical Stainer factory job from about the same time. So these are not what you'd call fine instruments, MANFIO.

I've been playing for many years, but I recently started wondering this about cross-tunings. Oh, and I use Prim steel strings on my good fiddle and Pirastro Chromcors on my "second fiddle".

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