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only $50,000 dollars . .

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I don't know what to think- Experts out there? Is it more likely that:

A) a dealer or even the factory/shop (even 100 years ago?) would choose to falsify by putting in a makers label that no-one has heard of outside of 1 sentence in a reference book,

:) a modern-day know-nothing will simply quote the label (false)that's there, not KNOWING that no-one has ever heard of this maker in the violin world, and thinking it must be valuable because it SAYS it's 200+ years old.


C) That it could be an reasonably OK fiddle that is what the label says it is and no more.

(I may have overlapped a bit- but the scenarios could be several here, I admit.)

I lived in Wichita KS froom age 3 to age 11, and that is where I got my start in violin, BUT, Wichita is a very large city, with several college/University campuses located there.

I interviewed for a teaching position in Hugoton Kansas some 25 years ago, and found it to be a very small, rural town with the main industries being farming and natural gas/ petroleum wells/refineries. I think it is very likely that its a "grampa's attic" type find, and someone is trying to save the farm by selling a family heirloom. However, It would seem likely that they could take it to Wichita or possibly Tulsa to get it appraised by a few experts before embarassing oneself like this guy seems to have.

When I think of the stupid things that have been told me about violins by unknowledgeable people as absolute truth over the years, I can very well accept the idea that someone THINKS its a national treasure based on the fact it was in the family for maybe 100 years.

So- can we get some theories from the expert Appraisers? Of course, it would help if there was more than 1 out of focus photo

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OK-maybe to some degree you caught me. So I was willing to think it MIGHT be what it says. IF by some MINUTE chance it IS what it says it is, THEN I could see it being equal to my own violin. I was never willing to pay either starting bid for such an unknown quantity myself, just noting that by dropping the starting bid by such a large percentage, the seller MIGHT actually get one or two bids, and it MIGHT end up being worth $3-5K, although the $50K was totally an insane hope with no certification and provenance and only 1 photo.

Personally, I could not justify myself spending more than $200 either, but I recognize that some people CAN and do justify that kind of "gamble" (echos of an earlier discussion) regularly.

Thanks for the discussion- I love bouncing things like this off each other. And my former English teachers would deplore my run-on sentence, but so what- I'm tired.

Norma in Denver

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Off topic I guess, but Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser currently plays a Fichtl, which he acquired a couple years ago (his previous main instrument was a Gusset). It can be heard on his recent release "Fire and Grace". He gets a wonderful sound from it; I'd love to have an instrument that has the overtones that this one does. -Steve

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it's nice to know that people still dream.

Maybe I should add that I don't think there's any chance that the eBay "Fichtl" is what it claims to be; even taking into account the poor picture I can't convince myself that it bears any resemblance to Alasdair's fiddle. -Steve

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