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He may well be a jerk. So what?

The question here is has he actually fleeced anyone AS A BUYER, which I still find a nonsensical proposition.

And is there, in the opinion of those who do buy/sell on ebay, anything wrong with selling and buying under different IDs? Note that was a question. Not a statement of support.

Describing those who question your propositions as a "herd of sheep" doesn't do much to further the discussion.

But knock yourself out. There's always the Ignore button.

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I've had personal dealings with PKnorr and I assure you he's NOT a jerk. He is, in fact, one heck of a skilled buyer on eBay and elsewhere. I have nothing but the highest respect or him. The notion that he is somehow a bad boy for buying the occasional violin from Music-River for less than some here on this board deem an appropriate amount is ludicrous. He knows what he's buying and what price he's willing to pay. He gets outbid fairly often, a clear indication that he will simply not buy any violin at any price. Wake up!

Barry / Apparently one of the complacent sheep. Baaaaaah

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Don't think PKNORR never screwed up. He once purchased an old violin from Dallas area that I have chance to examine the violin from the seller. The final sale price was over $900 and the seller told me that he only paid $20 from an estate sale. I tipped him off and never saw the transaction completed. Regarding attic(addict) that sells junk violins, I don't know she (Debra) is PKNORR's wife. I bought an old violin from her and the description is incorrect. It's not returnable but luckily it's only $150.

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