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It's not the crack that bothers me as much as the revarnishing. If you're looking for an inexpensive violin to play on I'd say 'Why not'. Keep in mind that with its condition and varnish problems it will be a difficult violin to re-sell at a later date. I'd probably be more inclined to try to find a violin which would cost you as much as this one AFTER the repairs are made, giving you the opportunity to hear it first.

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I have experience with this seller. I've bought two items from them, with no issues. Their descriptions are simple but accurate. Unfortunately their pictures are lousy. If this were a valuable violin, they'd be asking more, because they do know something about instruments. So keep that in mind.

If you can repair this yourself, what's $75 + shipping for a violin? Add $75 for strings and fittings, plus your labor. It doesn't sound as if they are sure about the revarnish.

The crack must be repaired, and the top should come off to repair it, and that will cost some money if you have to have it done. But since it's not such a valuable violin, The crack wouldn't bother me, as longs as it's fixed properly. It's not in the critical soundpost/bassbar area.

So I'd say if you need to have it repaired by someone else, it may not be such a good buy. If it were valuable, the seller would be having it repaired themselves. It appears to be a decent German factory fiddle, but nothing more.

With 4 days to go the bid may go up. If you decide you want it. just bid the most you're willing to pay near the end of the auction. There's no reason to bid before that. If somebody else wants to pay more for it, let them have it and be glad you didn't pay that much. There'll be many other German factory violins coming along momentarily.

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I know this seller. I have bought many violins from him (at least 75 or more). He is the best wholesale dealer of violins that I know of. Almost all of the violins he sells have condition issues, but they are always good values, and they are what he says they are (unless he makes an honest mistake). I have no idea how he finds so many interesting violins, but he does. His violins are always priced well, and the opening bid is what he is looking to get. He does know what he is selling, so it is not likely that you will get a $5000 violin for $150. But it is possible and likely to buy a $5000 violin from him that needs repair for $1500. This is one of the few regular dealers on eBay who will not rip you off. If he is selling a violin for $75 that needs repair, it is worth more than that.


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Thanks. Having to take the top off if the crack needs repair scares me, as I was thinking I'd try to see if I could do everything myself. Not really interested in paying somebody big $$ to do it!

I did adjust the bridge and take the chinrest off my Teller, and I believe it is already sounding better. I'll add some new strings and go from there. Do I dare mess with the soundpost, or should I just leave it be? (I do have a setter, but I'm sure it will take me hours to get it back in if I slip and tip it over:)


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