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Hi all,

I am a very new cello student and I'm looking for a piece, or music, for violin and cello duet. My violinist friend is quite accomplished; I am just learning second position on the cello. I would love to find some music suitable for for myself and my violinist buddy to play as a learning experience for me.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!



San Diego

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The Bach Sonatas for violin and harpsichord usually come with a cello part that can substitute for the harpsichord part. I think that cello part is not too difficult, but you would need to check. I have only played the pieces with keyboard players.

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Album of Classical Pieces (ed. Hussonmorel pub. Intl.) would be easier than the Ravel, Kodaly, or Gliere (which are probably WAY beyond you). There are 12 Mozart Duets (ed. Dishinger-Dembow, pub. Medici Music Press) that are fairly easy. Samuel Applebaum has written 4 volumes of "Beautiful Music for Two Stringed Instruments" -- I'm not sure, but I would assume that you could buy the Two Violins and the Two Cellos version of each volume and that the parts would be compatible (the top line is melody, bottom is harmony/bass). Similar to Elfrida's comment, slow movements of the Handel Sonatas might work for you and your friend.

Also just saw in SHAR catalog Duets for Beginners ed. by Pejtsik in two volumes but I don't know these personally to know how easy/difficult they are.

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these may not be appropriate for your level of cello playing but... the duos by kodaly ravel and gliere come to mind as personal favorites

It is NOT! They are far too demanding for cellist who are just learning the 2nd position. Wait a few years of serious practicing and then perhaps.....

I agree with the others about doing slow movements of Baroque sonatas. I would also suggest looking at some of the www.lastresortmusic.com collections. While some of them are not easy, there are few from each books of "Music for Two" that may be appropriate.

In the meantime, practice hard! More advanced you are, more choices to choose from.


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there is a wonderful set of duets for violin and cello, easy enough for a gifted beginner to play yet quality enough for pros to enjoy.. I can't think of the edition, but if you do a search on maestronet for violin cello duets, you'll find the posts.

Gliere wrote 8 WONDERFUL violin/cello duets, and a few of them are playble by someone at your level. Ignace Playel wrote several as well, but they are Stupid with a capital S. I can't understand why Haydn was so fond of that guy...Oh well.

Another thing you could do is play Hymns from any standard church hymnal. It would help your ensemble and intontation skills immensely, and many of the classic hymns are quite lovely.

Good Luck to you!


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