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When I was just starting to attend car auctions, I used to shadow the big dealers and just out bid them on the cars they had chosen. It worked well. Then, a few weeks later, I bought a nice clean late model car the usual way by shadowing the big time dealer. I had to pay a bit more than usual, actually quite a bit more, but I was sure it was worth it, because the big time dealer had bid only a hundred less than I had. It needed a few things when I first brought it back and then a transmission, and then the engine developed a loud rap. The water pump went, the rear end was noisy and basically everything you could think of was wrong with the car. I patched it up and brought it back to the auction a few weeks later hoping to get out of it. When it rolled up to the block all the dealers there started laughing hysterically. Then they all walked away. I sold the car at a huge loss to the big time dealer I had shadowed. Apparently, this car was used to teach the shadows a lesson and everyone knew it but me. They had baited the hook, I was a hungrey fish, and they played me for all I was worth.

There is a fishing exposition going on here and the fish may not have bit yet.


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