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Help: Gap - 'after' arching


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Now that I have arched my back, I find that I have a hairline gap between the halves in the bottom 3 1/2 inches . Which, I guess means that I had some shrinkage. I originally glued this in July (75%+ humidity) and arched it last week February (40% humidity). Is that enough? I re-glued - clamped but,,, it popped open (same length).

Top is fine, glued the same time.

I expect it is better to open now, re-plane and re-glue but I thought I'd ask first. Is that correct? Or should I rough-out the inside first?



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I agree with the remedies been suggested, reglueing an already arched back is alot more difficult than the suggested options.

Also occasionally a slight knock can fracture the glue line at one end,its not always shrinkage.

One question, do you always leave plates unfinished for months?

If i did that here in the U.K they`d be a totally different shape by the time i picked them up again.

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Thank you all.


I have really dragged this out. I've had a pretty full plate over the last year but, things are clearing. I have not done enough building to develop habits 'yet'(good or bad). But, I expect my next one will be carved (inside & out) within a month.

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When you have worked glue into the crack you could also try clamping it somehow and slopping boiling water either side of the centre joint (but not on it). The idea is to get the wood to swell a bit and close the joint while it glues. It also helps to put some pressure from above, eg clamp a piece of perspex over the centre joint. That way the swelliing goes sideways, not up.

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