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Violin "attributed to" Gaetano Sgarabotto


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I have been trying to list my instrument and the window pops up as an error. What do I have to do? I have an instrument labeled as "Gaetano Sgarabotto Brescia 1917." The visual attributes are comparable to authenticated Sgarabottos, but "slight uncertainties" kept this instrument from being elligible for a certificate. In previous auctions dating back a few years, these Sgarabotto instruments are classified as "attributed to" Gaetano, and have ranged from $8000-$15000. This means that it is not authenticated with a certificate but bears striking resemblance. Of course, I have numerous pictures for viewing. It has a great tone and I am willing to sell it under the $8000 mark. Anyone interested, please help me in posting it for sale/auction on the Maestronet website.

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