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Great novelist...more scam on Ebay


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Supply-Demand...great scam...It's because, he either think Ebay buyers are very stupid/ignorant, or they are really stupid/ignorant...or, they are realy some where in between...which made the world an interseting place. Although, there is no bidding on this item so far...so, we may still have hope for the humanity... . If you look closer, the violins that he (or she) offers on Ebay look like brand new manufactory violins.



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Someone has now bid on it, plus one of the two others that he has up for sale. Since the auction is private, there seems to be no way to warn the buyers.

I've seen a very close variation on this story myself, but not for violins, it was for "1st editions" of a comple set of the OZ books. Sadly someone bought that too....

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Let's just say he is telling the true about his wife's kindness and the nice old lady, the violins could still very well be junky...That's the brillian thing about scam artises -- they are able to tie completely two different things together and make a believers out of some victims -- because some people may assuming that the nice old lady must have good violins???


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