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Looks pretty new and exactly like a pernambuco Peccatte stamped bow that I have. In my case, somebody put a Peccatte stamp on a bow of probably $100 quality. Not necessarily this seller did such a thing.....perhaps bought it that way. If you're looking for a $50-$100 bow, you probably can't go wrong as long as you don't try to resell it as authenic Carl or Fritz Meinel.

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This person is one of the New York scammers. They've been at this game for quite a while. This is a cheap Chinese bow, probably not pernambuco, and the stamp is fake. While it looks OK, this is a scam. Do not buy this bow for more than $50.

You know enough not to buy a Hyundai automobile with a Ferrari nameplate. Buying this bow thinking it's by any known maker would be the same thing.

Please don't ask me how I know...

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They may have shill bidders...probably do. But they use the anonymous bidder thing because people were warning bidders off of their fakes.

If the bow sells for $40, then there's no harm. But many times the bows were selling for hundreds and more, and that's very wrong.

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Just so you don't think that Jack is alone on this, DON'T BUY FROM THIS GUY! They work with a bunch of names and list several different locations, but it's always the same scam. Nowadays, I never look twice at a bow auction from anywhere in New York State. That's sad, because anyone with a legitimate auction loses out.

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Good warning Richard (not that I would buy a low grade Chinese bow with a light grey frog) but are there any similar violin scammers we should be warned about?

PM if necessary.

Regarding the wood, it is almost impossible to tell whether or not it is pernambuco from pictures such as these but there are Chinese bows available on ebay, of good quality, and they really are pernambuco. (The seller will usually advertise them as such).

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Glenn, I used to keep track of the seller and city names but they morph faster than a flu virus. The commonalities are these: private auctions, somewhere in New York, the seller generally only lists one item at a time, and the stamp is just too good to be true. The feedback on the seller (if there are any) are always great, but because they are all private auctions you can't check it out. After you've seen a few, you can easily recognize the writing style, too. Jack -- anything you would add to that?

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One thing they seem to like to do is use numbers at the end of their ebay IDs. For example:

















Not a hard and fast rule, but maybe a clue. Most of these IDs have been abandoned, but you see yaktor has been around for a while.

The main diagnostic is that the offers are too good to be true, and this is probably the best indicator for all of the scams on ebay.

One good strategy for flushing them out is to ask whether they will consider using an escrow arrangement. They either won't answer your question or they'll just say no to that idea. An honest seller would at least discuss it with you.

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But if the seller suggests a particular escrow service, watch out. I connected one time with a seller who gave me a long song and dance about the need to feel secure and then urged me to go an escrow service that he had used many times. The only problem was that it was a totally phony service---tailor made for taking all your financial information. Paypal seems to be about the best route if you are unsure about a sale, since they can yank your money back if the purchase was on ebay.

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Another way to tell a scammer on Ebay is often times is that they will have been inactive for a period of 3 months or greater before rapid recent activity.

The seller will use one of there Id's for a period of about a week (Before feedbacks are listed to show buyers and auction items) Then they will rest the ID until the auction I.D's are no longer in the system ( not allowing you to see past sales as well as past bidders.)Allowing them to use their group of names for that period.

Not always the case. But I was tracking a shill bidder for awhile and all the Id's used to post and to fake bid were all 3 month I.D's.

I believe this same person is the one Who lists USA as location on there listings. Id give the acount names but there are so many.

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More bows by these scammers...

Hamming (!?) bow

C. Becker Bow

and I'll bet this violin/bow combination is one of theirs as well -- fake Hill bow and bad photos of a Chinese violin with a fake Italian label...and this one is going to hurt somebody with the bid at > $1,000. Check the seller's feedback for a good chuckle. They've been selling T-shirts up 'til now.

Piretti and Hill bow

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