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Information about this maker.


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I've recently acquired a new violin and am curious about it's history. The instrument is well played and I like the sound.

The label reads:

Mstr. Friedr With (maybe Wilh) Guthmann

in Klingenthal 18__ (last 2 digits are completely faded.

Any information about it's maker and his reputation would be greatley appreciated.

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Dean... thanks so much! Was he left handed or right? j/p thanks again. I wasn't expecting too much other information than that. I had a feeling it was kind of old. Sounds great, just don't think the craftmanship is all that.

Haha been using bablefish to try to translate German to English on the few sites I found.

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  • 17 years later...

I had a high arched brown violin labeled and by Mstr Friedrich Wilhelm Guthmann in Klingenthal, 1833.  It was worked on by Hans Weisshaar in Los Angeles, who liked it very much.  Under $500 value in 1973.

Hans Weisshaar pointed out to me that he was a Master violin maker, and not just some apprentice.

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