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Imperial Violin

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I always thought an Imperial was a high grade

Japanese import violin. I have aquired one and it is a beauty. I have now found out there was a German line called Imperial. How can I tell which one mine is? On the back of the scroll there is a flat spot that says Imperial Violin. On the button it is stamped with an eight sided star type figure. The finish is very highly flamed and looks to be a beautiful antiqued or made to look old type finish. It is fully lined and blocked with a real bass bar (not carved in the top). The label is a typical copy of a strad 1713. Pegs are rosewood (probably not original). The chinrest is very unique to me. It is wood but not the rosewood type I see so many of but a wood with a somewhat redder color to it. The instrument looks to be about 1900 to 1920' roughly. Can't wait to string it. Just wondering Japanese or German Mittenwald?

Thanks for any input and help

Rick B.

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Hi Rick....Your fiddle is german, made by the firm of Glaesel and Mossner. The eight-pointed star logo on the button was their trade mark.If you look closely, you should see a *G&M* in a circle within the star. They made several models, including an Imperial,with the name on the back of the scroll.(page 467 in Henley's "Dictionary of Violins")

I have one of their fiddles,signed Ernst Glaesel, with the logo on the button...a nice instrument. Henley lists several of the *models*, with the *Imperial* being the penultimate in the listing order; however, the list also happens to be alphabetical, so maybe is isn't a pecking order. smile.gif I hope it is, and that you enjoy the fiddle.


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