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Any informed opinions on this cello bow?

Yo Ma-Ma

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I'm curious to hear if anyone has any thoughts/informed opinions on the authenticity and/or age of this bow? I know it's probably hard to tell from a few pictures and a brief description, but hoped perhaps someone out there with a practiced eye and a lot of knowledge about bows would be able to tell anything from the style, stamp, etc. It's my understanding that Vuillaume was NOT actually a bowmaker himself but had several good bowmakers working for him, who stamped Vuillaume on their bows. What are the chances of it being worth anything? (Yes, I'm the lucky winner and am curious whether you guys think it would be worthwhile to get it appraised?)


Yo Ma-Ma

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This frog design was popular in early 20th century catalogues. If you hold it in your hand, you'll see that is not the slightest bit ergonomic.

The price you paid was probably more than top dollar.

Try to find the 3 Erhardt books, which are a compilation of catalogues from American violin companies.

In those catalogues, countless cheap bows are offered with the same cut-out frog. All are bottom-line bows, and the prices quoted are often "per dozen"

However, all is not lost.

I own 7 cello bows of various quality, and use them all to teach my students how to discern quality in bows. I'm no expert, but my students certainly know much more than I did when I were a lad.

Just tonight, 3 students, (11, 12, and 17 years old) played a 77 gram bow, a tortoiseshell frog bow, and my own heaviest and lightest bows.

They all correctly assessed each bow's virtues and flaws.

I was very proud.

If nothing else, you can teach your kids the lesson you have learned, and that is a good thing.

All Best


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What you have here is a Chinese factory bow mounted in sterling silver and ebony with a snakeskin grip. Probably make of cherry wood. If anybody's interested, I sell these for $150 each (without the stamp). The stamp on it is bogus.

What is the frog made of on the ones that you sell? If ebony, do they (and silver parts) seem to be of good quality (fit and finish)?



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These are available with the following types of frogs; ebony, water buffalo horn, synthetic tortoishell, snythetic ivory. They can be sterling silver mounted or 10K gold mounted (which costs more). I'd say for the money, they are good quality.

By the way- Who will going to the NAMM Show in Anaheim? I will be an Exibitor there (yawn- I spent most of the day there setting up). I would love to meet some of you guys there and show you all what I sell. One of the new items that I have are some very well made basses with 1 piece backs of nicely flamed maple. And if you are a serious buyer or established customer, I may be able to loan out a pass (you know who you are!).

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The NAMM show is the largest musical instruments products trade show in the world. It is wholesale and only open to the trade. It takes place in different locations - the one in Anaheim being the best and largest (in my opinion). Cut and paste the following into your browser for the details, http://www.thenammshow.com/ . I will be there exibiting violins, violas, celli, and basses. I think you should spend the money on a plane ticket and come! You will be blown away by the huge number of Exibitors- OVER 1300 LAST YEAR. Perhaps I have let the cat out of the bag! I HAVE PASSES! I am in Hall E.

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