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More neck angle problems


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-Yuen, Oakes is the guy who suggested maple tops? That pretty much immediately disqualifies anything else he


Oakes, was a controversal guy allright. He had 200 violins in his shop and found time to write his book. How in the world could he make a living? He must be another Howard Hugh of his time. If I have such opportunity I would like to try his violin someday before think of his maple top idea.

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Jeffrey Holmes:You are correct with 130mm neck length from upper edge of front to nut I was looking at the nut to lower end of neck which is l38. I missconstrued the bridge height for the fingerboard projection to the bridge nicks ie fingerboard height projected to bridge which should be 27mm. I am guilty of sometimes looking at these postings very fast. His bridge then would seem to be low in that case.

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