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Simon Fischer´s "Practice"

Klaus Weber

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That's a very good book. Also, I've been spending more time than I should at
- awesome videos about violin technique, and it's free - no waiting for slow publishers!

Linking this to the subject at hand, namely practising, there are two thing I really like on that site. The first is that a technique is broken down into smaller units of complexity which are then taught individually. The second is the instruction to "practise this for 10 minutes a day".

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Do share your impressions, please. I got my copy from the local classical music store because a customer had recommended they stock copies - thanks to this wise person, mine was available immediately. My forehead is still sore from slapping it when I saw the "expanded knuckles" page for roominess in the left hand. That's what my hand looked like over a year ago before I "fixed" it because the fingers weren't nicely lined up. I had asked about it: was told it wasn't wrong, but being a perfectionist decided that meant it wasn't right either. In fact, it was more than right. Had I had Basics then, I would have understood what I was doing and what to leave alone.

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Thanks for the link; this new SF book looks really worth having.

For issues of practicing, I also highly recommend Malva Freymuth's

Mental Practice & Imagery for Musicians.

Freymuth (DMA, piano) writes from the perspective of "mindfulness" - breathing, meditation, awareness. There are so many useful ideas in this book; it's not light reading.


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On the site, I found this part of the description intriguing:

"Some are ways of trying to cause yourself problems, so that afterwards what you actually have to do feels easier."

In a strange way this makes a lot of sense to me, and it seems to indicate a flexible and innovative mind behind the book. As I am working through a lot of misconceptions in my own playing, I do indeed sometimes make a problem worse on purpose or do the extreme opposite of what I am doing at the moment to see where it leads with a goal of course of finding the elusive golden path to improvement that sometimes opens itself in unexpected places. One thing for certain, I hadn't a clue as to how one effectively practises. It seems a neglected concept.

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Earlier today the Metzler link loaded only partially then just hung there. I also went to the home page & the search function hangs as well. At one point the link & home page wouldn’t load at all. Maybe the site crashed after getting stampeded by a bunch of rabid Maestronetters!

Sheetmusicplus has Simon Fischer’s ‘Practice’, $55 with about a 3-4 week waiting period:


(I’m pretty sure they’re equipped to handle the Practice-hungry masses)

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This is an old thread but I was reading Strad magazine and really

enjoyed the monthly articles by Simon Fischer.  I already have

the Basics book so I thought I would look into the Practice book.

 I found the various links to Metzler as well as Googling the

ISBN and came up with the same $60 price tag as mentioned above.

 I then checked the Strad/Orpheus site and found that

both books are currently at half price - 14 GBP / about $30.

 Since this is a book I don't need right away and I was

interested in a copy of some of the posters, I ordered it.

 Hopefully it won't be the 5 month wait that others

experienced although I'm still waiting on some posters I ordered in

early December 2006.

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there are two threads on this, so i am posting it both places!

Shar lists Basics and Practice both...i got my copy of Basics from

them, got it in a few days! unfortunately, Practice is out of stock

right now, but when it is available, you should be able to get it

with much less drama than from those other places!

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