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ID Quiz (Dec12)


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Okay folks.

The last two identification quizes A few good backs and A few more good backs... were both organized around direct influence/lineage among the makers.

I've put together another collage for your amusement which takes the opposite approach. Three fiddles, three different schools/countries.


Slightly larger photo

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A couple of early guesses- not based on knowledge, but rather by comparing with a few known outlines. The first seems like Goffriller; the second, a Strad (or at least modelled after); the third has the most distinctive outline & probably should be readily identifiable, but I don't have a clue. Ron.

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Hmm, well that #2 is a tricky one. I think #1 is German - #3 I wouldn't have picked as a classic Italian, but it apparently is. #2 doesn't strike me as French, but I suppose it could have another country of origin. The tendency, I think, is to assume Italian, French or German. I'm still wanting to say something close to German - maybe Austrian?

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Okay. #3 is attributed to CF Landolphi. Perhaps it was a lousy pick for this collage as it is uncharacteristic in some ways...

The thread now goes in one of two (or both) directions:

Focus on placing the other two. They are NOT Italian.

Discuss what's off about the Landolphi and how Beare (and others) came to give it a cert. Christopher, do we know anything of it's provenance other than Beare's attribution?

Perhaps someone has a more representative Landolphi (Cozio?) they can post.

Just goes to show there can be wild divergence within the body of any given maker.

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