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A few good backs...

Jeffrey Holmes

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I'm with Bob, if he's thinking the one on the right is Gagliano. And I think I'm safe with Antonio or a good copy of one on the left. The center is too neat looking for Guarnerius, but I wouldn't know who. The purfling is awfully close to the edge. Jeffrey, I hope you keep us dangling with the photos of tops and scrolls before announcing the results.

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The one with the broad, curly maple one piece back, looks to be a new reproduction of a 1705-1710 Stadivari. Along about 1708-1709, that master got hold of a log of maple that, to this day, is still the finest wood ever used to make a fiddle, at least that's what I think. This could be a very fine effort by Curtin & Alf.

The one in the middle might be your work, and looks to be of the massively built 1743 Il Cannone pattern. Tell me that ain't a real crack, in the lower back.

I'll have to study the ff holes a little more on the yellow fiddle.


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