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Fingerboard thickness violin


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I recently took my violin to a luthier who told me that my fingerboard did not have enough of an angle. What should the proper measurement be between the end of the fingerboard and the violin? Also how far should the strings be above the end of the fingerboard?

Do you not put any angle on the fingerboard in relation to the violin, or are you talking about just the fingerboard itself?

I hope you understand what I am getting at! I am not a violin maker, just a beginner violinist.


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The topic here is whether the E-string of G-string side of the fingerboard should be higher--something you probably didn't even know to think about. :-)

You're looking at the height of the board. At it's most basic, if your bridge is between about 32mm and 34mm high over the top at the center, that's about right. The strings, measured to the center of the string, should be about 3-3.5mm high for the E, and 5.0-5.5mm for the G. There's more to it than that, but that's it at its most basic.

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