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Tsenglo, this picture shows a lot of things, but in the lower left, on the workbench, and partially covered by the rib garland, is a formica arching template I made. I glued an arching printout from Elderthomas's arching program onto some formica with superglue and then using a sanding and a file to make it nice. There is a another group of several of them off to the other side, partially hidden behind the clamp that's holding the back plate to a working board.

Not sure if you see what you want to see from this pic, but there it is.


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I like the laminate (gotta watch those trademark names) idea too. I've also used plastic template sheets- they come about 12" x 18" & are about like the "for sale" signs mentioned above. You can see thru them enough to trace arching curves, & they cut nicely with scissors. To stiffen them, I use those cheap slide-on plastic report binders for a 'back rib' (from Wal-Mart). Ron.

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Hello, I ordered some posters with patterns on them a while back and well I got them the other day. Now I am considering which pattern to use, The Stad "Milanollo" 1728 which was suggested by one of you all once before, The "Allard" 1742 del Gesu' Which is the one I am interestd in but was wandering what kind of luck you all have had with it.....

Did anyone answer this question?

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No, I don't think anyone did directly. However, from reading some other threads I decided to make a Strad copy first. The Milanollo. The reason for me is playability. I, like you, thought of making a del-guse but after reading a thread about playability between the two I chose Strad. I own and play a del-guse copy and it is hard to play compared to some other fiddles I have played. Hope this helps. Good Luck, Eck

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