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This question has come up regularly on the forum. I've recently discovered (due to a post from a fellow member) a service that I think is the simplest solution. The only limitation I can figure is that an image is deleted if it isn't accessed within a year... Here's the scoop:

Go to Image Shack

You will see a button labeled Browse... which when you click will open a browser on your computer. Go to your photo, select it and click OK...

Then click Host It!

The next page will have a bunch of Copy Url text boxes containing the links that will display the image on various bulletin boards/web pages. The one you one is the one starting with

Copy the link and paste it into a message here and you'll get an embedded photo, such as:


The limit on file size is 1024KB (the one above was 196kb).

From the FAQ: "Images that have not been accessed in over a year will be deleted. This is by no means the maximum storage time, but rather the minimum. This means that as long as people view your image (wherever it may be), it's clock will reset. So, if someone looks at your image on day 364, that image will not be deleted for another year. "

A really cool feature avaiable on image shack is the generation of thumbnails:

The last URL in the list of links is to a clickable thumbnail. You could posts this into a message here on Maestronet and those who want to see the full image would then click and a new browser would be opened to show the larger image...


This is useful if you image is larger than it is polite to post on a public message board.

(Thumbnails are not generated for images smaller than 200x200 pixels.)

Note. The steps outlined above are available to anyone without registering with ImageShack. But if you want to be able to access links and manage uploaded photographs, then all you have to do is give them an email address and register.

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I did find two slight drawbacks to using the thumbnail feature.

1) when you use the thumbnail, people who click it to display the larger image are able to "Get Links" to easily find out the urls that will display your image. This info is available anyway, but this does make it easier.

2) the browser window that displays the larger image from the thumbnail does have ads on it. And I believe it will trigger pop ups.

So unless your image is really large, I'd go with direct embedding.

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If you are Directly Embedding your photograph into a message (either a new message or a reply within a thread), then you should be careful of the size of the photograph.

There are two reasons for this:

1) Bandwidth. And embedded photograph, unlike a URL link to an image, is seen by everyone who looks at the thread. It is downloaded by everyone. A URL link is only downloaded by someone who actually clicks on the link (or the thumbnail).

2) Fixing the width of the thread. If your images is 1120 pixels wide, then when you post into a thread it will force the width of ALL parts of the thread to 1120 pixels wide. For someone who is viewing the forum on a 1024x768 screen (or 800x600) that means a lot of horizontal scrolling. Even for viewers with hi-res screens, it may mean resizing their browswers.

It is good forum etiquette to resize your photo before uploading to ImageShack (or your server) and then linking here.

I suggest that you simply make the width 750, lock the ratio, and let the software handle the height.

Embed the 750 pixel wide photo into the thread. And if there is reason for a higher res photo, then use a URL to also link to it.

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You are not alone in having posted wide photos. We've all done it. I've done it.

Just wanted to gather what I've learned about the process in one place.

For what it's worth, those interested in the jpeg conversion tool from PhotoIsland referenced above, it's my understanding PhotoIsland is going offline on the 22nd of November. So grab it now.

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This jpg converter will very easily do two things. 1) it will compress a file that is already jpg a little bit smaller (if you choose, say, 80% or 85%). And 2) it will take any number of files and RESIZE them automagically to a contrained 640x640 size. This is useful if you want to take a 1120pixel file and reduce its resolution.


There are any number of other applications that can do this. MS PhotoEdit (installed optionally if you installed Word), PhotoShop (of course) and any number of freebie apps (do a search on Photo Edit Free Software in Google).

I just post this link because it's there and I know it's a free download.

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As the person who most recently, and most thoroughly, endorsed ImageShack... I feel culpable for the recent failed image postings (by insearchofcremona and nicolo).

Images using this service last week seem to be displaying, those more recently are timing out.

I definitely think if you use this service DO NOT USE the http:// link, rather use the direct embed link that starts with [img

Here are two other free image hosting services to look into. www.photobucket.com and www.villagephotos.com

PhotoBucket will resize your photo automatically if it is over 250Kb. It also will display the IMG link for posting here. Convenient.

Village Photo has a size limit of 120Kb with the free account. It does not do resizing. And it displays links for the abosolute URL (which can be posted into the Image link displayed by the forum software during composition.

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The ImageShack links information:


The PhotoBucket links information:


In both systems, pointing an clicking on the text box holding the appropriate tag (for instance, the [img tag) will automatcially highlight the entire tag.

Press Ctrl+C to copy to the clipboard (or Editcopy)

Come back to your message here on Mnet and press Ctrl+V (or Edit Paste) to paste the tag into your message.

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ImageShack trick.

How to use thumbnails in the forum, yet not encounter the web page (when the thumnail is clicked) that has all the ads and popups.

In the examples that follow, so the links can be visible for discussion brackets [] have been replaced with curly brackets {}.

1) Copy the SECOND of the thumbnail links (the one labelled: "Hotlink a clickable thumbnail on a forum or message board!"


The part of this that points to what is loaded when the thumbnail is clicked is the first url= so in the example that would be


replace this with the contents of the last link text box ("here is the direct link to your image")


Compare the difference between clicking this thumbnail and clicking the one upthread.


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Since I started this thread on how to post photographs, a few additional thoughts:

The previous messages have covered the technicalities of getting your photo onto a free server (I've discussed only two of what I'm sure are many... if others have favorites they should pipe up). The following are two points of what one might call "etiquette." They are my opinion and not to be taken as official forum policy.

1) Embed photos where possible. It is much preferable that you post your photographs as embedded images -- that is, using the [img tag so that they show up within your message. This does require that the total width of the image be less than, say 750 pixels. But I think the gain is clarity for the discussion is pretty great.

Compare the way the images are used by fiddlecollector in the thread interior of back with how they are used in several recent threads where the poster used external links that pops up a new browser window.

Even if you wish to keep a link to a full sized image, I would suggest either a thumbnail or a smaller embedded image helps to keep the content of the thread clear.

2) Add additional photos to a new message. If within a thread you post a message with photos and then later wish to add new or changed photos, it is by far best to do so in a new message. Simply adding them to an existing message using the Edit function has the disadvantages that 1) it doesn't reset the thread to the top of the message heap (so people don't know you've added images) and 2) even if, as with an active thread, it is popped to the top of the thread list, many will simply overlook the fact that you've added images to an existing message.

3) Name/describe your link. If you are going to do a link to a new browser page that will display your image (instead of embedding), it makes sense to take advantage of the URL capability within our forum software.

When you are replying or creating a message there is a group of links called Instant UBB Code. The first one is URL. Click this. You will be prompted for a url, then you will be prompted for a description/prompt of the url. Compare the diference between:





Comparison of Two Scrolls

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The tag that you find that begins with IMG on both ImageShack and on PhotoBucket is pasted directly into the message. It is NOT pasted through the "Image" Instant UBB Code.

If you paste it via the Image UBB Code Prompt you will get a messed up link such as:


Note the there are TWO Image tages [image] and

In this case ISOC pasted the ImageShack link to a thumbnail image into the Image UBB Code Prompt.

Only the LAST tag ("direct link to your image") requires using the Image UBB Code.

So, to clarify, there are two ways to EMBED an image (so that it shows up within the forum thread):

a) simply copy and paste the IMG tag from ImageShack or PhotoBuck


:) copy the direct link (which has the form: http://img102.exs.cx/img102/5361/RoseFrontBackcopy.jpg ) and click the Image UBB Code Link, paste, hit OK.

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From the "For What It's Worth File..."

Up thread I posted a tip/trick where you could modify the thumbnail linking code to avoid seeing the banner ads in the resulting full image display.

Well, turns out -- and they've just posted a reminder on the links page -- that "Modifying the linking code is againsts the Terms of Service."

Just thought I should point this out.

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Just because you CAN share photographs doesn't mean you MUST share photographs.

Don't waste bandwidth. Or the forum's time.

Please ensure that your photographs are clearly related to the thread underway, or if starting a new photo-based thread that it has some relevance.

This isn't a photo forum.

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Just because you CAN share photographs doesn't mean you MUST share photographs.

Don't waste bandwidth. Or the forum's time.

Please ensure that your photographs are clearly related to the thread underway, or if starting a new photo-based thread that it has some relevance.

This isn't a photo forum."



These are excellent points for all of us to keep in mind.

But they may have to be reiterated on appropriate occasions.


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With the new forum upgrade posting photos from your computer don't require the intermediary of a third party hosting server.

Just begin a reply, click "I want to preview my post and/or attach a file," then click "Browse..." to find the file on your computer and "OK, submit."


The resulting image will be viewable by clicking the "attachment" link.

It will NOT be embedded directly into the message (so I suppose this thread isn't entirely obviated by the forum upgrade.)

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  • 5 months later...


It will NOT be embedded directly into the message (so I suppose this thread isn't entirely obviated by the forum upgrade.)

To embed this photograph, so that it will display "in-line" simple wait until the message has been posted to the forum, view the message.

Click the Attachment link (just under the Subject line).

Go to you browser's "Address" field and select the full url to the image. Copy it.

Click the Back button. You are now viewing your message again.

Click Edit.

Go to the end of your already posted message. Under "Instant UBB code" click Image. Paste the URL you copied. Click Okay. Click Change

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  • 3 months later...

Note: with the new forum software you may have to take an additional step and edit your hupyperlink's file name in order to convert an attachment to an "embedded" inline image.

For instance, after creating an attachment, and clicking the link, and copying the browser's address (as described in the message two entries above), I got a file name that looked like:


notice the use of %5F and %2E

In the new forum software, this is used to represent an underscore in the first instance and a period in the second. They are properly translated by the hyperlink. However they are NOT properly translated by the inline decoder, and so when creating an inline image link without making any changed, nothing displays.

The above example had to be manually changed to:


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