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Silver, Gold, and Decorative Bow Mountings


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You can purchase an entire frog and screw at the above sites, but you have to have the frog fit precisely to the bow. Every frog fits differently. The balance and weight you desire may not be achievable. If you change from ebony frog to ivory frog you will similar problems.

Which parts do you wish to change? Screw and metal parts or entire frog and screw? Are the original parts in need of repair? Is this a noteworthy bow? You need to ask yourself why you really want to change fittings. The materials for fittings should be an indication of quality of the stick. Today, for some bows from the Orient, it means nothing.

New fittings on any bow of consequence deserve the attention of a bowmaker. If the stick is noteworthy, the bowmaker will not likely do the job for you unless the original parts are damaged. If it is not a high quality stick, they probably will not upgrade the fittings either.

If your bow already has silver or gold mountings, you can take the bow to an engraver and have the fittings engraved. That would not give a discernable change in weight or balance.

I would recommend either shopping for a bow with fittings you like, or just have one made for you.

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That is good. You can buy a good factory German or Austrian made silver frog and screw for about $150. When you get it, compare the weight and change in balance point that the difference in frog weight makes. You can weight the bow if it is heavier to simulate the effect of the new frog.

Then when you decide you want it fit to the bow (rather than returning it), if it is heavier, and you have a wire winding, you may want to change to silk or faux whalebone lapping. I think silk is most beautiful and your daughter can choose her own colors. If it is lighter, you may want to put a little lead tape or lead wire winding (get it from a fly fishing supply store) under the thumb grip to get back to her preferred balance and weight. Still, it deserves the attention of a qualified bow repairer. The facets on the bow may (will) have to be changed to secure a tight fit.

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