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What Should A Good Violin Sound Like?


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"".......so it's ok. As the matter fact, when i was taking violin lessions from one of these so called "experts"...you know... "the great Russian method", "I used to hold the bow the same way Heifetz did, and she would say "that's a no no...", "Heifetz could do it, but that's wrong!! you souldn't do it!!" ???...She also said "don't do vibrato like Heifetz!!!" again..."that's a no no!! That's too fast!!" ........"

Relax Sammy.

When you wake up tomorrow the world is still there. Nothing

changes.(not much anyway). Just my $0.02

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On the contrary. I think that great sound can only be judged by the listener.

Sure, you need a good player to produce great sound, but I promise you, what sounds great under the ear, often sounds shocking in a concert hall. And vice versa....I choose the listening option every time.

Your theory sounds good...but, when is the last time any performers went out and ask the audiences which violin they should play in their concerts?? I've had this conversation with some violin playing friends...The reality is, unless you play violin, most listeners couldn't even tell the differences between a violin and a viola!!

I believe you're misinterpreting the above answer. You don't go ask random people in the audience to pick your violin. But you do, if you can, try and figure out what the violin sounds like to the audience when being played. Often times what an audience will hear, from 10 feet away, 30 feet away, or through an amplification chain is going to be very different from what the player hears under the ear.

When buying a violin, most folks I know consider it a good idea to determine what the likely audience(s) and performing environment(s) are and see what the violin sounds like under those circumstances.

Of course, if the most important audience is yourself, then you can just go with what you hear when you play it. But professionals have to care about paying audiences. And they're usually sitting out in the hall somewhere.

- Ray

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"...There are ranges of sound, of course. I heard a violin at church today that sounded...stringy...like a string instrument (not intending to be ridiculous) sort of a reedy sound. Mine is darker and warmer...not so "stringy" or "reedy". So....???? Which do you prefer? ......"

Thank you for asking the question, My concept of a good violin sound has been "sound like a silver bell"... kind of metal , clean sound with a bit nasal darkness (not too much) like a cat "meow" ( please don't laugh, I don't have better words).

Some German trade violin have focused sounds but kind of in small ways. Some thin top violins have better volume but tone are not that focused. I guess you cannot win all.

I am talking from my own limited experience. I know my three violins very well,as for others people's voilins only on surface.

Then come these high price violins. What do I know?



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