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now that im getting the basics and everything down, i was just curious as to what everyone here would suggest learning first. Are there any websites that have this information? Im not the kinda of guy that wants a teacher, i know it may help but ive never had one for any instrument ive picked up. thanks for your time

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I'm assuming it's the violin you are playing, and if you are the type of person that likes to go it on their own then I would suggest learning fiddle music as opposed to classical. There are lots of books on fiddle methods out there, look for the Mel Bay ones, they tend to be the best for learning on your own. As soon as I quit Suzuki lessons I found I didn't like to learn the classical stuff on my own as there is too much technical stuff going on that is hard to learn on your own.

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(continue) I have a 10 years syllabus for voilin study I copied down from my local library. It is basically a list of famous classical violin pieces according to its levels of technical difficulties. For example, Handel's six Sonatas were in there. One may find it also in Suzuki.

By the way, Connie violin (web)page is another source of info.

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