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Do you mean:


These were with a single source -- a mildly overcast day. The light seemed diffused enough to give good color, which it did.

Mainly trying to figure out how to scale and get rid of background (which I'm doing over -- the bottom edges are ragged in the above... learning how to use that feathering idea in conjunction with the wand...)

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No, I wanted the top, so I can see what those black marks look like. We might both have been thinking it looked like nail residue, but now I think manybe it's just unworn varnish?

As for the bottom, you can switch to the mask mode (below the black/white boxes on the toolbar) and clean up the edge with the airbrush under high mag. If you're selecting and wiping the white, try selection/feather, about 3px, to soften the edge to be more natural. That's in addition to cleaning up the edge, though.

You might also do some experiments to find the lens' sharpest opening--usually two stops down from full open. It can give the added edge in digital stuff.

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Yes, on the heel there are several patches of dark unworn varnish.

Beneath the button on the back there is also a patch of what is either unworn or a sloppy bit of new varnish from when the neck was reset.

There is, however a nail -- before I had it setup I looked through the end pin hole and the top block has a single square nail hole. Couldn't tell if the nail was still there.

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