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I don't know if they sound worse but they really look worse!!!!!!!! The designer has a bad taste indeed!!!!

I agree. I think part of what looks bad to me is that they maintain the classic shape while using a color that just doesn't seem to fit. Some of the avant-garde violin designs can have bright paint jobs that don't look so out of place.

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They look terrible to us- adult violin people with a deep appreciation of tradition. But for a 9 year-old, an old smelly instument is not too pleasant-especially when everyone is always yelling to "be careful-its so old!" A nice, bright, and shiny saxaphone looks a lot cooler to a young kid. I heard Gliga has had a lot of success marketing these cheap painted student violins. I remember reading an article a while back in the New York Times about these painted violins and how the young kids really love them.

They are certainly not my taste, but if you were to place an authentic Strad next to one of these, and ask a nine year old which one would they like to play, my guess is they will choose the painted one. It is also less likely to suffer damage by rough handling with its heavy coat!


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I saw (and heard) a Gliga custom job owned by a 7 year old. It sounded awful but the owner loved it and practised all the time. The child was the center of little boy attention and the recipient of many 'cool' points. I don't think that it really sounded any worse than an unpainted lower range Gliga.


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I guess I forget when I was a kid. It seemed long time ago

but there was definitely such a time. We loved thing that catched our (kid's)

attentions. It we (kids) were asked us which one we wanted to

have, an old Strad or this painted "cute" thing. Mostly likely, we

(kids)would pick the "cute" thing (we did not know anything better then). Our taste has changed a lot as we has growing

up or getting older , we did not aware of it. Amazing isn't it?

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I agree with the marketing point here.

The other good side of this kind finishing is that it hides all inperfections in the wooden materials and that way all spoilt instruments or made of cheeper plane maple or woods with color spots would be used but not thrown or burned.

Bye the way I am also very conservative

After all ...............if some children(or at least one ) may be atracted to music that way ................than why not .

This is just my point.

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Just for discussion sake,(don't get mad at me ) I come up with two reasons:

(1) the shape of a violin looks like a bug (a big bug of course) if you paint it blue then you bring out the shape drastically. Kid would be afraid of such a big bug.Wn't they?

(2) If a beautiful young lady walks on a street you and I love to see her face. Don't we ? But if she paint her face blue, what would you think? To tell you the truth I get scare.

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I was in a shop last week in Nagshead NC. In an Art shop I found a violin painted by Grandma Moses. No setup pegs, bridge etc. but with some small flowers painted on the back. Price $1000. Thats to much for a wall hanger but with some work it might be made playable. I will confess that it was kind of cool in a fiddle sort of way.

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