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A Steal for $100.00 or....


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Have you bought the violin?

For myself I would not buy such not for the reason it wasn't a bargain but for the reason I don't know what I am going to do with it.

For myself I would try as many violins as I can and find one best I can afford,not the best bargain.

For selling it to others, I am sure you will make profits but how long it would take? Most first time buyer (beginner players) would like to spend more than $500 to get their violins. Would they? Just my thought.

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Have a good look at the edges - almost no channel. The top grain gets really wide towards the sides. When I see those kind of things, I normally will find no corner blocks, no thickness graduation, no independent bass bar. If you get offered a violin like that for free, think long and hard before you accept. But don't even think of paying $100 for it.

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