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Music Games...?

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I was wondering if any of you have ideas of mainly outdoor musical games for active young boys! A friend of mine is putting together a small performance class and get-together for some of her aspiring, young (boy) students (piano, btw), as they need the support of each other in their musical study. But she'd like for them to play some game outside that ties in with music - ideas?!

Other great, fun music "games", indoor or outdoor that you know of would be greatly appreciated, if you don't mind sharing.

Thanks very much,


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and do a search for "games" or something similar. You should find something!

I like drawing a big staff with chalk and having the kids stand on it and "be" notes. You could just call out "up to G, down to E," etc, or call out intervals, or make up some kind of game that you'd normally use flashcards for... who knows!

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